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Posted: aprīlis 3, 2009 in Dzejoļi
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Tāds sīks, diezgan garlaicīgs un viduvējs dzejolītis, ko šodien sarakstīju, bet tas ļoti labi attēlo manu noskaņojumu šodien(02.04.2009.).


So much thoughts
So much pain
So much love
So much hate
So much…
I just would like it to fade away
But whatever I do – it’s always back here.
And all of that –
Just in my brain.

I just need to get out
But I want to stay
Why do thease thoughts can’t go away
Do they really want to stay here too?
Or do they want to fly there to see you?

Why can’t I forget
Whatever I want to be forgotten?
Can you please answer that?

I just need to get away…
But how?
How can you escape your mind?